WHy We're Here

DCC is a spiritual family of believers, in different seasons of life, seeking to know the Lord on a deeper level. We’re doing this through engaging worship, teaching based on Scripture, and faith-filled prayer. 

We’re building real relationships and making disciples. And we’re using our God-given gifts to serve our neighbors here and on the other side of the planet. 

We’re learning to encounter God in our daily lives and earnestly desire to become true reflections of His Son, Jesus. And we want to help others do the same.

Encountering God. Reflecting Jesus.

Core Values

1. The Power of Prayer: Because God is gracious … and prayer is powerful

2. Authenticity: Of the Scriptures…in relationships…in walking humbly with God

3. Intimacy: With God…in quality relationships that a smaller church provides

4. Thoughtful: Defined as - reflective and philosophical as well as kind and caring

5. Generosity: Through radical giving of our time, our talents, and our resources

What We Believe

It's easy in the church to assume that doctrine is merely a system of beliefs to which we give intellectual assent. However, as Kevin Vanhoozer writes in his book Drama of Doctrine

"Doctrine proceeds from an authoritative script (text) and gives direction as to how individuals and the church can participate fittingly in the drama of redemption." 

To say it another way: doctrine isn't just something that we believe intellectually. It's also something that we live.

For a copy of our Statement of Faith, CLICK HERE.

WHo WE HOPE you'll Become

We call this list our "Ministry Marks." Our hope is that, over time, these things will take root and grow in the lives of our church family.

Love of Scripture: We meet the living God in the word of God.

Posture of Prayer: We know that apart from God we can do nothing.

Holistic Worship: We offer God all of who we are and all of what we have.

Authentic Community: We love each other in spite of our flaws.

Intentional Discipleship: We are called not only to be disciples but to make disciples. 

Sacrificial Service: We disadvantage ourselves for the sake of others. 

Missional Mindset: We are sent by God to help redeem the world.